History and

Our Vision

We are enabling the heavy industry's immediate conversion to fossil free by replacing fossil inputs with bio-based products.

Our Mission

We will build, own and operate facilities, under our own or via joint-ownership, for the large-scale production and processing of high-quality, fossil free coal and gas products for the metallurgical industry in Europe.

With the help of our products, customers will be given the opportunity to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.

Since 2013

Sweden’s leading large scale producer of HQ BioCarbon

The problem with global warming is not the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, per se. If the source of the CO2 is biological it will be reabsorbed and balance the ecosystem. If products based on fossil carbon can be replaced by biomass-based alternatives, anthropogenic climate change can be mitigated.

Since 2013, we have taken the initiative and become Sweden’s leading large scale producer of HQ BioCarbon, enabling the steel industry to replace its use of fossil coal. We are doing that by building, owning and operating advanced pyrolysis plants to convert forest residues into HQ BioCarbon and energy. HQ BioCarbon that can be used in metallurgic applications, as raw material for modern batteries or to clean water and air, or as a carbon sink and soil improvement.

Since 2013

Team members

Our highly qualified team have extensive experience ranging from scientific research and development, process control and management, organisational strategy development, fast growing company management and financing.

Lars-Gunnar Almryd
M.Sc. Paper Technology
Tobias Brink
B.Sc. Business
Head of Business Development
Daniel Ekberger
B.Sc. Finance
Greger Jonsson
Project Manager
Karl von Bergen
Mechanical Eng, Chalmers
Martin Gemvik
Business Development
Aekjuthon Phounglamcheik
PhD in Energy Engineering
R&D Engineer
Kritika Narang Landström
PhD in Biogas Upgrading
Process Engineer
Magnus Forsman
M.Sc. Engineering
Site Manager
Serge Blancher
M.Sc. General Engineering & Technology
Pawel Donaj
PhD in Metallurgic Process Sc.
Head of Process Technology
Jonas Rost
Head of Process Operations
our team

Board of Directors

Per-Olof Wedin
Chairman of the Board

Chairman of th BOD at Skogssällskapet and member of the BOD at LKAB. Prior positions at SCA, Stora Enso. Prior CEO at Sveaskog and Svevia.

Joakim Karlsson

Prior partner at Nordic Capital. Prior Investment Professional J.P. Morgan.

Carl Palmstierna

Prior partner at Goldman Sachs. Several prior COB and Director positions in early and expansion-stage companies.

Sören Eriksson
M.Sc. Chem. Eng.

35+ years extensive experience from the Energy and Fuels industries. Several BOD-positions in renewable companies. Prior management position at Preem.

Thorleif Jener
Bachelor of Economics

Vice President Concejo. Prior management positions within the Coal and Oil sectors.

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Our partners

In order to be able to deliver HQ BioCarbon adapted to various applications and to meet set specifications from the steel industry, it is commonly mixed with other substances or components, and for different types of products, such as briquettes. This is to meet the high demands of, for example, mechanical strength, reactivity and temperature tolerance. Envigas works closely with both research institutes and commercial partners specializing in various niches in the steel industry. This is to be able to deliver an optimal product to the customer.

Carbomax is one of northern Europe's leading suppliers of coal-based products to the steel and foundry industry, with extensive experience and specialist knowledge in metallurgy. Many leading companies within the steel and foundry industry are on Carbomax's customer list. Carbomax also has an ownership interest in Envigas and the two companies work closely with everything from market processing to the delivery of specially adapted BioCarbon-based products.
Swerim is one of Sweden's leading research institutes. The company initiates, leads and manages research-projects regarding the development and testing of new products and technologies for the metallurgical sector. Envigas, together with many leading companies within the industry, has several active development and test projects with Swerim, ranging from the development of BioCarbon-based products to full-scale workshop tests.
RISE, Research Institute of Sweden, is an independent, state-owned research institute focusing on sustainable growth and technology. RISE is a partner, together with representatives from the industry and Envigas, evaluating and performing advanced development and various tests for the applicability of Envigas pyrolysis oil for mixing with bio-fuel and other refinery products.

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