We produce and sell highly specialised products from a proprietary pyrolysis process using biomass such as forest and agro residues as raw material. 

Depending on the raw material, advanced and carefully controlled continuous slow pyrolysis will produce bio-carbon, a bio-oil rich on a range of hydrocarbons and acids and an energy-rich syngas.

While the syngas is a clean and ideal fuel for boilers there are many applications for the bio-carbon and the bio-oil.


Bio-carbon is a mixture of pure carbon and the in-organics from the raw material. Bio-carbon can be used as is as peak fuel for biomass boilers, as soil amendment, as an adsorption material, as metallurgic carbon or be post-processed to activated carbon, graphite and graphene.

Soil amendment is, apart from being the only efficient and ready to use carbon sink, a simple way to increase water retention in sandy soils, to increase fertility in most soils, to act as heavy metal sorbent in soil and many other benefits.

Activated carbon is basically bio-carbon with enhanced surface area achieved through post-processing. Activated carbon has a range of commercial applications such as water treatment, gas cleaning, pharmaceutical and many others. Activated carbon can be post-processed to magnetic carbon to target specific contaminants.

Metallurgic carbon or graphite made by bio-carbon can really make a difference. Using fossil coal in steel and aluminium production is by far, together with cement production, the single biggest contributor to GHG’s apart from energy production and way bigger then all cars, trucks and airplanes combined.


Bio-oil is a liquid mixture of acids and hydrocarbons which has a range of high value applications. The acids, mostly acetic acid and formic acid, can be separated and delivered to the chemical industry while specific fractions of the hydrocarbons is ideal as a sustainable replacement as asphalt binder, as binder in carbon and graphite electrodes and as liquid heating oil or fuel.