The tradition to make biochar in the forest rich Northern Scandinavia goes way back. Envigas continues this tradition by supplying complete systems for pyrolysis of different types of biomass. The emissions of Green house gases, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane among others, are causing increasing problems for our earth and its inhabitants. Pyrolysis is a robust, stable and relatively simple part of the solution. By turning forest and agro residuals into a carbon sink and energy in a distributed and decentralized way we help solve many problems. 


In our demonstration facility south of Skellefteå in the North of Sweden we have the means of testing and demonstrating various feed stocks, different kinds of system configurations in a continuous process to secure the goals of our customers. 


We are a systems integrator specialized in pyrolysis of biomass in a broad context. We can supply technology but are also interested in co-investing in plants with a secured feed stock supply. We have solutions for pre-treatment of the biomass, pyrolysis and handling of value streams, carbon, syngas and biooil. Check out our Process and Applications sections to learn more about how pyrolysis may benefit you and your business. We are a core team of long experienced specialists on thermo-chemical technologies, installation and commissioning and can deliver solutions to turn residuals into value.



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