Wood and agro residues are, by tradition, burned. Either on the fields or in a boiler to produce energy. Way better than using fossil fuels but still an epic waste of valuable resources. And there are enormous amounts, around 10 Gton annually according to IEA, being produced annually.

Assume for a second that the carbon yield in these bio-residues would be used as a carbon sink. That would save over 10 Gton of CO2 from being added to the atmosphere thus offsetting a lot of our man-made emissions of CO2. That would really make a difference in coping with an ever warmer climate. It is, actually, as simple as that, at least in theory. 

We will take the lead to make better use of agro and forest residues than burning it.  And we will do that by building, owning and operating advanced pyrolysis plants to convert forest and agro residues to bio-carbon and energy.  Bio-carbon that can be used as carbon sink and soil improvement, to replace fossil coal in metallurgic applications, to be raw material for modern batteries or to clean water and air.

 By building plants in areas where residues are produced we contribute to local economies through a circular business model while helping mitigate the effects of climate change. That is what sustainability is all about.

We are a systems integrator specialized in pyrolysis of biomass in a broad context. We have solutions for pre-treatment of the biomass, pyrolysis and handling of value streams, carbon, syngas and bio-oil. Check out Our Products section to learn more about how pyrolysis may benefit you and your business. We are a core team of long experienced specialists on thermo-chemical technologies, installation and commissioning and can deliver solutions to turn residuals into value.