Research & Development

Our demonstration and R&D plant in BureƄ is based on advanced pyrolysis of forest residuals to bio-carbon, bio-oil and syngas.


The production capacity is 150 kg of almost dry feed stock per hour sourced from saw mills near BureƄ. This plant will be used to produce small volumes of bio-carbon with specifications to suit the metallurgic industry as a reduction agent and powder and upgraded to produce a bio-oil able to be blended with fossil crude in refineries for transportation fuels. A novel way of upgrading the syngas to a commodity for the world market is also in the planning stage.

The demonstration plant is also used in national and international R&D projects in cooperation with industry and Universities in Europe.

Bio-based commodities replacing fossil coal and oil are a necessity if Sweden are to meet its aggressive targets to reduce GHG-emissions.

The plant has received a government grant and support from the Swedish Jordbruksverket.