The Company

Envigas AB is a privately owned Group with its headquarter in Stockholm focusing on business development and implementing the strategy decided by the board. The fully owned subsidiary Envigas Technology AB, located in Skellefteå, is focusing on R&D with a strategy to optimize yields, quality and value of the commodities produced as well as performing project engineering and operational support functions. 



Kurt Sjöblom, is Executive Chairman and working with strategic and business development. Most recently as SVP in Boson Energy in Luxembourg and CEO for Meva Energy AB. Kurt has, for the last 8 years been leading companies involved in advanced thermochemical processing in both gasification and pyrolysis.

Harry Johansson, Director with special knowledge and background from advanced R&D. Has been active in developing and marketing of cutting-edge technology for gas and particle abatement resulting in more than 10 worldwide technology patents. Harry is also active within and majority owner of Envibat AB working with Textile Bag Filters, Electrified Gravel Bed Filters (EGB) and Wet Electro Static Precipitators (WESP).

Joakim Karlsson, Director with background from private equity. 

Martin Gemvik, Director with a long background from private equity and venture capital. Martin has more than 25 years’ experience in early-stage investing and fund management and is now at Industrifonden since 2014 where he is focusing on portfolio development and active exit processes.

Martin has served on the board of the Swedish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (SVCA) for several years.

Håkan Holmberg, Director and an experienced project development specialist with many process installations for various companies worldwide. Håkan has been working with gasification, pyrolysis and carbonisation of biomass for the last 15 years. Håkan was earlier founder and CEO of the company Meva Innovation, today Meva Energy.



Tobias Brink, CEO. Has more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience, primarily within the Telecom and environmental sector. Tobias has a Bachelor of Science degree from the environmental sustainable Green Mountain College, USA.