Envigas HQ BioCarbon is a very pure, (approximately 90% C-fix) pelleted material that carries a somewhat higher density than BioCarbon produced from saw dust or wood chips. In most cases the density works fine to replace the fossil carbon in many applications. HQ BioCarbon can be used as a reduction agent, in injection and skimming for the metallurgic industry, or can be post-processed to bio-based carbon black or bio-graphite.


Highly Specialised

We produce and sell highly specialised products from our special pyrolysis-process, developed during several years and iterations, using biomass such as forest residues as raw material.

Makes a difference for the steel industry

Metallurgic carbon made by HQ BioCarbon can really make a difference for a more sustainable industry. The use of fossil coal in steel and aluminium production is by far, together with cement production, the single biggest contributor to GHGs apart from energy production and way bigger than emissions from all cars, trucks and airplanes combined.

Endless applications

There are many valuable combinations of products and energy from the pyrolysis process. While the syngas is a clean and ideal fuel for boilers there are many applications for the HQ BioCarbon and the BioOil that could be post-processed and further developed and adapted to use in a variety of applications.

Bio-based CarbonBlack

CarbonBlack is a substance that is used in a wide range of applications; from printer ink to manufacturing of rubber and tires. It is produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as fluid catalytic cracking tar, coal tar or ethylene cracking tar. Bio-based CarbonBlack is made by molding/grinding HQ BioCarbon to very small particle-sizes and special post-processing. For some applications the fossil based CarbonBlack can be replaced by bio-based Carbon Black.


HQ BioCarbon can, for instance, be used as a reduction agent, bio-based carbon black, or bio-graphite for the metallurgic or battery industry, among other sectors with extensive use of fossil coal that needs to be partially or fully replaced.


C-fix levels

Envigas aim to produce a HQ BioCarbon with C-fix levels from 90-95%.
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350-400 kg/m3


A higher density normally results in a higher mechanical strenght, lower reactivity and higher temperature resistance.
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Volatile Matter

Envigas uses a process which leaves the HQ BioCarbon with a low level of volatile matter.
Volatile matter

Less than 3%


By only using stem-wood from pine and spruce as feedstock, we secure highest level of quality of HQ BioCarbon with a minimum of ash-content.
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At Envigas we try to keep as low moisture content as possible.
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