Envigas BioCoke is made from HQ BioCarbon, post-processed by densification and mixed with various types of binders. With a higher unit and bulk density, mechanical strength and a somewhat lower reactivity - it is suited for a broader range of applications.



BioCoke is an upgraded HQ BioCarbon (density 350-400 kg). With different post-processing measures, such as using a high C-fix binder, our BioCoke exceeds the bulk density of 600 kg / m3 and contains a C-fix of 85-90%. We are especially proud of succeeding in reducing the reactivity in the product.

Mechanical strength, low reactivity

By densifying or extruding the HQ BioCarbon into BioCoke, one gets a HQ BioCarbon with higher mechanical strength due to higher density, which also lowers the reactivity.

BioCoke to be molded or ground at site

To achieve a material with a certain particle size, still with high density, the BioCoke can be molded or ground either for mixing with other substances such as fossil coal - or be used directly as, for instance, injection coal in the metallurgic process.

Various dimensions

When HQ BioCarbon is processed to BioCoke by extrusion, a variety of dimensions could be produced based on customer demands for different sizes of diameter and length. The length is due to different factors but normally it is easier to make shorter units than longer units. Normal length is 40-120 mm.


BioCoke made from densified HQ BioCarbon can, for instance, be used as a reduction agent, bio-based carbon black, or bio-graphite for the metallurgic or battery industry among other sectors with the extensive use of fossil coal that needs to be partially or fully replaced. Commonly, the BioCoke is molded or ground to smaller particle sizes either for mixing or to be used as pure powder. Our pyrolysis process runs in the temperature intervals of 550 - 600°C, with a precision control of residence time. A maximised C-fix level of HQ BioCarbon is required to achieve a high C-fix level of BioCoke due to diluting steps of mixing with binders and other substances.



A high level of carbon content (C-fix) is often required by the steel and metallurgic industry, as well as from other industrial sectors and applications.
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530-900 kg/m3


BioCoke, which is high pressure densified/extruded HQ BioCarbon, has a substantially higher density.
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Volatile Matter

Envigas BioCoke has a relatively low level of volatile matter.
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Less than 3%


By only using stem-wood from pine and spruce as feedstock, we secure highest level of quality of HQ BioCarbon with a minimum of ash-content.
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Approx 8%

Moisture Content

At Envigas we try to keep moisture content as low as possible, since a high level can affect the metallurgic production process in a negative way.
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